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The Dochtermann Lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at North Dakota State University is seeking to fill a PhD assistantship examining how selection shapes behavioral syndromes (behavioral correlations). The student will develop and pursue their own research topics while working within a broader NSF funded project.

In our lab we focus on evolutionary questions regarding the maintenance of variation within and among populations and the evolutionary implications of how traits are correlated.

The position will start Fall Semester 2019. The student will be housed and working in the Department of Biological Sciences

(https://www.ndsu.edu/biology/) with their degree awarded through the NDSU Environmental Sciences and Conservation Program.

Requirements: Bachelors or Masters in ecology, evolution, animal behavior, or related field; experience collecting and analyzing data; ability to work independently and as part of a larger collaborative group.

Preferred: MSc preferred; experience conducting quantitative genetic experiments; field research experience

If interested please contact me at ned.dochtermann@gmail.com and provide a brief synopsis of your research interests.