August 28, 2018—The second (and final) batch of crickets from Arizona are here! Great work Raph, though now we have to actually do Aim 2 of the grant!


August 16, 2018—A great ISBE meeting, lots of great work and great discussions. NDSU sent a large contingent, a small subset:


August 11-16, 2018—The Dochtermann Lab is headed to Minneapolis for ISBE 2018! Four talks and one poster by members of the lab!


August 6, 2018—The ABS 2018 closing reception is at the Milwaukee Zoo. Could there be a better venue for this meeting than a zoo?


August 6, 2018—Monica gave a great talk about her first dissertation chapter "Alignment of plasticity and among-individual correlations: A test of theoretical predictions ". Go Monica!


August 1-7, 2018—Ned and Monica will be presenting at ABS Milwaukee!

ABS 2018 Logo.png

July 27, 2018—It was a very fun (and successful) summer of research. We had a great team of people, especially all the undergraduates who worked tremendously hard! While the summer isn't over a lot of us will be travelling the next few weeks for meetings. Thanks everyone!



June 6, 2018—Amy Bucklaew joined the lab as a summer REU researcher on the cricket grant (link). She'll be investigating how cognition integrates with aspects of previously described behavioral syndromes in Gryllodes sigillatus.

June 1, 2018—Ned is giving a talk at UC Davis as part of their Animal Behavior Graduate Group's seminar series.

March 30, 2018—Our meta-analysis demonstrating a lack of support for the pace-of-life hypothesis as an organizational basis for within-population behavioral variation is (finally) available: Royaute et al. 2018. Raph did an amazing job formalizing the meta-analytic methods.

March 23-25, 2018—Ned and Monica presented at the President's Symposium of the American Genetics Association, it was an amazing meeting with lots of innovative and important research being presented (link). Monica presented some of her preliminary results on multivariate alignment of G (well, I) and E.

December 2017 - March 2018, stuff happened, I didn't update the site at all.

December 15, 2017—Another semester down!








November 1, 2017—Courtney successfully defended her thesis: "Environmental components of phenotypic variation: Dietary and trans-generational effects on behavior". She gave a fantastic research seminar and will certainly continue to do fantastic work!

October 25, 2017—Ned and Courtney presented as part of the BEERS series on "Games crickets play: Critical tests of game-theoretic outcomes in sexual signaling".

September 20, 2017—Courtney and Raph presented as part of the BEERS series on "Investigating transgenerational effects of neonicotinoids on cricket behaviors and life-history".

August 15, 2017—Jeremy Dalos joined the lab as an M.Sc. student and will be looking at antipredator behavior and parental effects in crickets!

May 9, 2017—Courtney just found out that she is a 2017 recipient of the NDSU College of Science and Mathematics Travel Grant. Great job Courtney!

April 12, 2017—Monica just found out that she is a 2017 recipient of the Animal Behavior Society's Grants-in-aid of Research. Great job Monica!

April 11, 2017—Ned was announced as the recipient of the 2017 College of Science and Mathematics Award for Excellence in Research! Thank you very much to my department for nominating me and for the college for selecting me from an amazing assortment of researchers.

March 28, 2017—Signed a contract with Oxford University Press to write a book with Niels Dingemanse. Look for "The Evolutionary Ecology of Individual Variation" from OUP sometime in late 2018 or early 2019!

October 31, 2016 — Ned is now an associate editor for Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology! 

October 26 - November 11, 2016 — Neils Dingemanse (link) will be visiting the lab to work on a variety of projects! 

October 3 - 9, 2016 — Ned will be giving a workshop on the use of mixed-effects models as part of the SQuID working group at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), hosted by NTNU's Centre for Biodiversity Dynamics.  

August 6, 2016 — Ned is now an associate editor for the Journal of Mammalogy! 

August 3, 2016 — Amazing news: I (Ned) received the Animal Behavior Society's Outstanding New Investigator Award! This is a huge honor from my "home" society, though the list of former recipients is rather intimidating company! 

July 28 - August 3, 2016 — Ned and Courtney will be giving a talk and poster (respectively) at the Animal Behaviour Society in Missouri. Raph will be giving two talks at the ISBE meeting in Exeter, one on our behavior work and the other on our statistical work as part of the SQuID symposium being hosted by ISBE. 

July 23 - July 27, 2016 — Ned is co-organizing (along with Alison Bell, Julia Saltz, and Andy Sih) a workshop on integrating genomics and quantitative genetics for understanding behaivoral variation at UIUC! 

July 15, 2016 — Funding on Ned's NSF grant begins! Now we've all got a whole lot more to do! 

November 24, 2015 — Jeff Berens successfully defended his thesis "Morphological differences and diversity of small mammal species". Jeff gave a great presentation and did a fantastic job presenting the results of his hard work characterizing morphological differences between Peromyscus leucopus and P. maniculatus. Jeff also already has a job lined up! 

October 27, 2015 — Our paper with Kendra Greenlee's lab looking at the integration of behavioral and phenotypic integration was released on the Animal Behaviour website! (link

August 15, 2015 — The Evolutionary Ecology of Variation Lab has two new members! Courtney Garrison has joined the lab as a M.Sc. student (well, is continuing in the lab) and Monica Berdal has joined the lab as a Ph.D. student. Courtney started working with us during the Fall and Spring semesters last year working on cricket research and Monica is joining us from NTNU (Norway) where she earned an M.Sc. under Jon Wright. 

July 13, 2015 — Lynn will be presenting the results of her summer research at the summer program's exit symposium. UPDATE: Lynn's poster won first place! (picture) 

June 10 - 15, 2015 — Ned and Raph will be presenting at the annual Animal Behavior Society meeting, this year in Anchorage, Alaska! 

May 19, 2015 — Lynn Holloway joined the lab for the summer as part of NDSU's summer STEM program. Lynn's joining us from Virginia State University where she's a biology major. Lynn has previously studied the behavior of poison dart frogs and various lizards (hopefully crickets aren't too much of a let down!). 

April 29, 2015 — Katie successfully defended her thesis, congrats Katie! 

February 29, 2015 — Raph's paper on behavioral variation and insecticides was published by Functional Ecology (link)! 

January 17, 2015 — Tori's first paper (with Ned and Andy Sih) came out in Proc B! 

January 11-16, 2015 — Ned participated in conducting a workshop on statistical characterization of multivariate phenotypes. The workshop was organized jointly by the International Max Planck Research School and NTNU's Center for Biodiversity Dynamics. 

November 20, 2014 — Ned gave a seminar at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology entitled "Understanding contributions to behavioral variation and correlations". 

August 8, 2014 — Ned's paper with Niels Dingemanse (link) about how behavioral syndromes can act as evolutionary constraints was awarded the Pitelka Prize for Excellence in Research by the ISBE (link)! The winning paper can be found here. 

August 1, 2014Ned talked about kangaroo mice and kangaroo rats on NPR's Science Friday (link)! 

July 7, 2014 — Ned's paper with Chris Gienger (link) and Shane Zappattini on frequency selection and handedness in combat sports was accepted by Animal Behaviour! 

July 7, 2014 — As part of the lab's ongoing collaborative research with Ann Hedrick (link), we've launched the website Evolving Crickets (link). Evolving Crickets will eventually be used to host videos for ethogram assignments in behavior classes and simulation programs for looking at the effects of correlational selection. 

June 25, 2014 — Ned and Andy Nelson's paper "Multiple facets of exploratory behavior in house crickets (Acheta domesticus): Split personalities or simply different behaviors?" was accepted for publication in Ethology. This is the lab's first cricket paper! 

June 6-10, 2014 — Katie Preston and Jeff Berens are presenting posters at the 94th annual meeting of the American Society of Mammalogists in Oklahoma City (link). Jeff's poster is entitled "Morphological differences within and among Peromyscus species"; Katie's is "How are population variability, density dependence, and extinction risk related in mammals?". 

May 15, 2014 — Raphaël Royauté (link) has joined the lab as a postdoctoral researcher! Raphael comes to NDSU from McGill University where he studied personality variation and behavioral syndromes in spiders. 

April 2, 2014 — Ned's paper with Cynthia Downs (link) on the use of mixed-effects models for understanding trade-offs and correlations in ecoimmunology has been accepted by Integrative and Comparative Biology. 

March 28, 2014 — Katie's Policy Fellowship from ASM was recognized on the NDSU webpage (link)! 

March 15, 2014 — "Quantitative genetics in the wild", which includes a chapter by Dingemanse & Dochtermann, is now available on Amazon (link). 

March 7, 2014 — Ned is giving a talk as part of the UC Davis Animal Behavior Graduate Group Seminar Series (link) 

March 1, 2014 — Katie Preston has been selected as a Student Science Policy Fellow by the American Society of Mammalogists and will be visiting policymakers and agency officials in April. Great job Katie!